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Introducing Roxy and Nick! Our 2 newest SUP guides!

We are so please to add Roxy and Nick to the Livit Water team! They have been doing an amazing job as our main tour guides and giving lots of love to our dog Makenge!! Here is a little about them:

Roxy -- I spent a lot of my childhood in or around the ocean. The waters in Cape Town South Africa are certainly a lot colder than here in Nicaragua so the second I got an opportunity to experience waters you didn't have to suit up for, I jumped straight in (literally). I spent 40 days traveling solo in Bali where I taught myself to surf in 6 hours and enjoyed every second of it - especially the twelve hours of sleep I got that night. I've ridden horses for 18 years, hiked since I could walk and swum, surfed and stand up paddled all over CT. I completed a 200 hour integral yoga teacher training focusing on hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga, in order to further my personal practice and have been fortunate enough to share it with friends while traveling and learn more about the art of yoga and life everywhere I go. Granada is home now, and everyday I'm lucky to walk the streets and paddle the lake greeting the families sitting on their sidewalks and porches in their rocking chairs as life ambles on around them. I adore learning more about their everyday lives and practices and continue to do what I can to immerse myself into the Nicaraguan lifestyle.


Passions: loving animals and meeting people, learning different cultures and experiencing them in as many ways as is possible.

Next vacation: photographing the wild horses of Iceland or experience the Mongolian lifestyle.

Credentials: Chaitanya Yoga 200hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training certification & Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification

Nick- I am the wild child that was allowed to not grow up, a pure bred wildlife safari guide. Born and raised on the wild plains of Africa where I spent days beating off the likes of lion kings and and and rival tribes, learning the ways of wild Africa and how to tame it. From my days of out-swimming large crocs I developed a knack for water and all water sports I came across. I competed nationally in swimming and spent lazy days on canoes and water crafts. Having had to learn much about nature and wildlife in order to survive, I developed my bird and deadly animal spotting abilities, as well has how to distinguish between the two. Coming to Central America and the beautiful colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, I have been able to use my survival skills as a luxury rather than a means of survival. Instead of battling raging elephants, I spend my days meandering through the peaceful, placid routes amongst the breathtaking Islets of Granada spotting the local fauna and flora.


Passions: photography, culinary arts and all aspects of nature.

Next vacation: I follow my eye into photographically pleasing places and after this one, the next one would have to be the Aurora Borealis in Alaska.

Credentials: Certified in water safety, experienced high school swimming coach, South African nature guide, certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language

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